Transportation Update, Asia Focus

20 March 2023 | World | General

Bansard International is closely monitoring the market situation in Asia. Based on the information obtained, we have decided to share the latest updates on a regular basis. The teams remain at your disposal for any further information.

Transportation Update, Asia Focus

Check out our latest country updates collected by our teams on the Asian continent: 
- Bansard Bangladesh (March 20, 2023)
- Bansard Cambodia (February 28, 2023)
- Bansard China (March 20, 2023)
- Bansard Singapore (March 7, 2023)
- Bansard Vietnam (March 20, 2023)

Please note that due to the conflict in Ukraine, all flights from Asia flying to Europe via Russian airspace are impacted. Any airline that has to change its route to avoid Russian airspace will have a 2-3 hours delay and an overall decrease in available capacity is expected.



Updated: March 20, 2023

Now the freight capacity in Bangladesh is sufficient. There's not so much rush.

Bansard office: All staff in Bangladesh is working from the office.


Ports operate normally but vessel delays exist. Shipping lines are taking longer transit time to several ports in EU.
We offer direct charter services to Ravena (Italy), Liverpool (UK), and Genoa (Italy).  




Updated: February 28, 2023

Cambodia has been back to normal and has been completely open to all visitors. The freight market is slower than usual.

Bansard office: All staff in Cambodia is working from the office.



Updated: March 20, 2023

The PCR test report is no longer required for cross-province travel, except in high-risk areas. The peak of the outbreak in the Chinese mainland has passed and our teams have returned to the office.

The National Health Commission announced that Covid would be formally downgraded to a Class B infectious disease on 8 January. That meant quarantine would be axed - although incoming travelers will still need to take a PCR test. A cap on the daily number of flights allowed into China would also be scrapped.

MARKET NEWS 20230313


The circuit-breaker mechanism, which bans flight routes if inbound international flights carry COVID-19 cases, has been canceled since 11 November 2022.
Now the Air Freight market is booming. 

> in Shanghai, PVG operates as normal, and the PCR test report is no longer required.
Flight cancellation continues. 

> in Guangzhou, PCR test report within 48 hours is no longer required at CAN.

The market is warming up and the airlines’ schedule is back to normal. PVG stopped the long-time closed-loop operation mode. The market demand increases day by day so the recent space will become tighter and tighter. Please inform our team of your air freight project as soon as possible, so that we can ensure the proper booking of the space, which will become tighter and tighter.


Cargo volumes are on the rise, while the carriers increase blank sailings.
> There will be 2 blank sailings per week in April. The available space in April for all routes is limited.
> Tight capacity on routes to WMED, UK, Rotterdam, and Hamburg, Rollover of 1 week exists in Hong Kong and in Singapore.
> No more container shortage.

Our team recommends you book your space for April in advance, and be prepared for possible rollovers.


A slight delay of about 2 days exists for all trains departing from China.

The station-to-station time from China to Europe (Liege-Belgium/Duisburg-German) is around 20-22 days. 
Please book your space 10 days in advance for trains from Zhengzhou, Xi’an and Changsha.

*Please note that SEKO-Bansard Group is not conducting any Rail shipments from, to, and through Russia.

Concerning efficiency:
> Delays at departure station:
Xi'an: 1-2 days
Zhengzhou: 1-2 days 
> Now the Russia-Ukraine conflicts do not influence our rail service in stations of these two countries. Delays are mainly found at Alashankou (China) station, which is about 4 days.

We recommend you book the space from Xi’an/Zhengzhou (China) to Duisburg (German). The space is very sufficient now.


The PCR test for inter-provincial shipments is no longer required in most regions.

Trucking capacity in most regions has been back to normal. We still recommend you book the trucking service in advance.

> Due to cross-dock hub disinfection, LTL delivery may take longer (1 to 2 days delay)

> Crossborder truck between Guangdong and Hong Kong: The government of Hong Kong reached to an agreement with the government of Guangdong on 11 December, trucks are now allowed to go directly from/to the factory (point-to-point).
Previously under the driver swap process, drivers could only make one trip per day, as it was very time-consuming. Now drivers will be able to make the journey twice a day, without the need to swap drivers and able to be more efficient.
Not all restrictions have been relaxed, as the “point to point” pickup and delivery points must still be pre-registered in order for the truck to be able to go directly from the border to the factory, which is the same process as during full COVID restrictions.






Updated: March 7, 2023

The spike in the number of cases has been announced but the situation is under control. The local freight market hasn't been influenced.

Bansard office: To ensure our employees' health and safety, we are still having 75% of our staff working from the office who must be fully vaccinated.

The space is critical and the capacity is limited. Our experts expected a war surcharge as the Ukraine situation evolves.

Global port congestion continues to exist due to the port closures on short notice caused by local COVID outbreaks. The space is critical and the capacity is limited.




Updated: March 20, 2023

The Ministry of Health abolished requirements of the declaration of health for both Vietnamese and foreigners when they come to Vietnam. Now everything has been back to normal as before the pandemic.

SEKO-Bansard Office: All staff in Vietnam is working from the office.

The export volume is increasing.

The Intra-Asia market demand is increasing after China re-opened. The capacity is expected to be limited in Q2 for Intra Asia.

Normal. The capacity is sufficient. Now no company requires Covid Test for drivers.





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