Vision SCM

From purchasing to delivery and on to the end customer, Vision SCM ensures a seamless interaction between the different links in your supply chain for complete real-time visibility of your transportation and logistics operations. Vision SCM helps you to understand and monitor, in real time, all your flows to facilitate the monitoring of events, follow-ups and any necessary decision-making. This unique horizontal vision allows you to become more adaptable, improve your delivery times, reduce your inventory, and optimize your supply chain! Providing you with much sought after flexibility and visibility all in one platform!

OUR expertise

  • Full web software is available for both computers and smartphones and is easy to learn and use
  • A unique platform is offered for tracking, managing and analyzing your supply chain
  • Full information management is available from your order number
  • Simple Interface with your ERP system
  • Personalization tools are adaptable according to your needs: tiles selection, alerts and notifications
  • Access to a multi-user and multi-profile platform: share your platform with your partners while defining setting views per users' requirements


  • A Tracking tool

tracking tool

  • The ability to follow-up on orders during their processing thanks to online access to all your purchase orders providing details of your orders status utilizing an advanced search engine
  • Track your shipments in real-time, with a mode of transport combined, thanks to the interface with all carriers
  • The provision of customized notifications and alerts



  • Bansard’s management systems allow you to monitor your warehouse and the status of your storage worldwide. Track the quantity of each PO, product, SKU (Stock- Keeping Unit)
  • Book your shipments online, create your personalised management rules, and be able to connect your suppliers to the platform to make booking requests directly with Bansard International
  • Consult and confirm each shipment before uptake by Bansard International
  • The ability to manage your documents through the online library, a real-time library, updated in real-time

supply chain management tool

  • Analytics tools

kpi transport and logistics tool

  • Analyze your overall performance by a straight and simple global look at all your KPIs, utilizing an extensive range of flexible, customized tiles and dashboards.  The updating of data is done in real-time.
  • Analysis and evaluation of suppliers: implementations of adapted KPI’s, suppliers ranked according to your criteria. 

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