Rail transport is an alternative new solution within supply chain management; it addresses the environmental concerns of enterprises wishing to reduce carbon emissions. Rail transport departing from Asia to Europe in both ways is an attractive solution: faster than sea freight and less expensive than air freight. Goods can be transported through Eurasia routes, through China, then Russia or Kazakhstan to European lands like Hamburg, Duisburg, Warsaw, or Spain from 15 to 20 days.



Pre and post-carriage of goods by rail, truck or barge.


Seven logistics hubs in China and more in Europe. Booking from 7 to 10 days before departure. FCL (minimum 1x40' or 2x20') and LCL Services.


Booking of a full train dedicated, with a capacity from 41 to 50 containers per train with fixed transit time.


Active supervision, with containers sealed and tracked. Customs procedures managed through integrated computer systems connected directly to the customs.

Bansard Rail Map routes


  • Reliable transport time with fixed schedules and daily departures
  • Two times faster than sea freight and cheaper than air freight thanks to the pricing stability
  • Quick response times thank to the footprint of Bansard International Group in Europe and in China 
  • Safe and secure transit, GPS tracking capability
  • Quicker customs procedure than air and sea freight
  • Transparent price with low volatility
  • No limit on the amount of the goods and height clearance up to 2.7 meters
  • Low carbon footprint with transportation mainly on electrified rail lines and not contribute to water pollution

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