Bansard Bangladesh 2022 Gala Dinner

11 May 2022 | Bangladesh | Events

On the evening of 29th March, 2022, Bansard International held the annual Gala dinner in Sheraton Dhaka Hotel. It is a pleasure to gather all of our local staff and our collaborators.

Bansard Bangladesh 2022 Gala Dinner

At the end of March, Bansard Bangladesh held the annual Gala dinner in Sheraton Dhaka Hotel (44 Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Dhaka). The full team of Bansard Bangladesh participated in the Gala. Our employees enjoyed this annual event.




Loïc Benattar, Bansard APAC Vice-President also participated in the event and representing Bansard APAC countries. Bansard International also strengthened the ties between the offices of Dakha and Chittagong during this event.

Besides, we are honored to have CMA CGM Bangladesh team to present over as guests of Bansard Bangladesh. They have been the main ocean business partner of Bansard Bangladesh for a long time now. We received tremendous support from them and we would look forward to strengthening this long-standing relationship in the years to come. 

The managers gave a speech after the Gala dinner, celebrating the success of Bansard in recent years. 




"The gala dinner program had a very positive impact on all the employees of Bansard Bangladesh and it’s the platform to have a good get together, employees feel more attached with the company. A long-run benefit for the company. ", said Osman Ghani, Bansard Bangladesh country manager.


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