EMEA Together 5-6 June 2023

08 June 2023 | France

Professional and constructive exchanges in an exceptional setting and relaxed atmosphere. A look back at the 2-day SEKO BANSARD EMEA seminar held at Château Mont Royal Chantilly, France.

EMEA Together 5-6 June 2023

The meeting point was held north of Paris, not far from Chantilly.

The EMEA seminar, organised in France, brought together SEKO's senior executives, Country and French Branch Managers, Product Managers (Air, Maritime, Road, Logistics, Ecommerce, Customs) and other functions (Finance, HR, Marketing) in an exceptional setting. A total of 70 guests and 12 different countries were represented (United States, France UK & Ireland, Israel, Netherlands, Tunisia, Morocco, Spain, Italy, South Africa, Mauritius).


Focus on the EMEA TOGETHER seminar with Simon PINTO - President EMEA SEKO Logistics

Who are our current and future customers? How can we support them in their development and offer them customized solutions? What services can we devise to improve their performance? These were the questions addressed by Mr Simon PINTO on the first day of the seminar. 

The morning was also dedicated to the presentation of each country and agency in France. This session enabled everyone to share their achievements, the challenges they have faced over the past months and the solutions they have proposed. In addition, the experts present shared their perspectives on air, sea and road transport, logistics and e-commerce. A great way to start the event and facilitate exchanges between collaborators.


In the spirit of strengthening unity and harmony within the international teams, a team building session was proposed. Through a series of stimulating and fun activities, participants were able to disconnect from the formal context and connect on a more personal level. The experience strengthened bonds and cultivated an atmosphere of authentic solidarity among collaborators.

The face-to-face meetings then provided an opportunity to deepen the discussions initiated during the morning, and to exchange views on specific, individual topics. The result was stronger working relationships and a better understanding of the different challenges facing each entity.


A cocktail party and gala dinner rounded off the first day of the seminar.  Agencies and collaborators were presented with trophies congratulating them on their individual or collective work, as well as medals for their length of service with SEKO Logistics.


The second day was punctuated by presentations and interactive workshops. In a spirit of sharing, employees presented their expertise in specific industries (White-Gloves, Defense and Wine & Spirit). The workshops then gave rise to fascinating debates and innovative ideas, strengthening knowledge sharing, collaboration and mutual learning.

Such an event would not have been complete without a testimonial from one of SEKO France's most important customers in the high-tech sector. A partnership that has lasted for over 15 years and has enabled us to grow together by devising new and innovative solutions. Beyond a purely professional collaboration, we can speak of a genuine partnership!


The seminar ended with a speech by James GAGNE, CEO of SEKO Logistics. He praised the efforts of each team and stressed the importance of collective effort and performance for the company's growth. He also highlighted future prospects and encouraged each employee to continue his or her commitment.

This seminar was an enriching experience for all and a real moment of cohesion. It brought borders closer together, reinforced the feeling of belonging to a single international team and highlighted the importance of always surpassing ourselves for our customers!




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