How are transport and logistics moving towards a more global model?

09 February 2023 | France | Events

During an event organised by the Logistics and Transport Club, the SEKO-BANSARD teams met the various players in the Supply Chain and shared their thoughts on the model of tomorrow, from Transport to Logistics, via IT and Ecommerce.

How are transport and logistics moving towards a more global model?

The meeting was held on Wednesday 7 February in Marcq-en-Baroeul in the North of France on the occasion of an event organised by the Club Logistique et Transport.

About fifty people representing all the actors of the Supply Chain had answered the invitation: carriers, consultants, Director of the ISTELI school, logistics managers, ...

Different themes animated the reflections and in particular :

  • What are the evolutions and challenges of tomorrow's transport and logistics?
  • How are traditional transport and logistics evolving towards a global model integrating e-commerce?
  • What role do information systems play today?
  • How to imagine a more responsible logistics?

So many subjects that were shared with the speakers from SEKO - BANSARD and the guests during a general presentation but also, during more informal exchanges over lunch.

We would like to thank the Club Logistique et Transport 59-62 in particular for allowing us to share our experience as a global and integrated player in the supply chain and this was also an opportunity to reflect together on the solutions of tomorrow.


Supply Chain de Demain ?

From left to right : Bilal ZAZAN - Sales SEKO-BANSARD, Karima ZOURHLAL - North Area Director SEKO-BANSARD, Salvatore TASCA - Managing Director SEKO-BANSARD, Nicolas DE CLERCQ, President Club Log, Charles MATHEY- Marketing & Communication Director SEKO BANSARD, Ariel FITOUSSI - Development Director Ecommerce & Brexit SEKO BANSARD


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