New product: Cross-Border Truck from China to Europe

09 June 2021 | World | Our solutions

Discover our new cross-border trucking solution from China to Europe! A reliable alternative for your shipments, without capacity constraints even during high season, faster than sea freight and cheaper than air freight.

New product: Cross-Border Truck from China to Europe

This year, Bansard International has launched a new solution: the Cross-border Truck, a reliable door-to-door service for full or partial containers and non-conventional goods available on the route from China to Europe. Thanks to our strong network in China and our experience since 2004, this solution covers the whole of mainland China without any capacity constraints, even during peak seasons. This solution is an alternative to sea and air freight and remains an efficient and more accessible means of transportation.


The cross-border trucking solution is a reliable alternative, with half the transit time of sea freight and cost-effective compared to air freight. Customs clearance is also faster than for air and ocean freight.

The size of our standard cross-border trucks is 13.65*2.48*2.7m. Each truck can provide the capacity of 3 TEUs which can hold 80 CBM or 20 tons of cargo at the most. Full Truck Load (FTL) can depart daily if booked 48 days prior to pick up. A Less Truck Load (LTL) service is also available with which we can consolidate all your shipments to provide you with an optimized delivery.

From a cargo security point of view, all trucks are equipped with GPS and are therefore trackable. All containers/trucks at the point of origin will be sealed to ensure the safety and security of the goods. 

Cross-border trucking is a more flexible way of transportation. There are no capacity constraints during the peak season. Compared to other modes of transportation, it has no special restrictions for the transportation of dangerous goods and pharmaceuticals. It also has no restrictions on dangerous goods such as batteries or goods containing batteries. In addition, this service can also be used for oversized goods, for which we can offer you tailor-made solutions.
Bansard International Group is able to offer customized solutions for different types of trucks to meet your specific shipping needs: double-deck semi-trailer, low-frame site, long semi-trailer, refrigerators semi-trailer, mega trailer, and standard semi-trailer. Our teams are always ready to ship your goods with several departures per week. For specific products that require temperature-controlled travel, refrigerated transport is also available and allows the cold chain to be maintained throughout the delivery

According to the requirement of your shipments, we will provide you with the most suitable solution from the following two main routes.



From Erenhot to Mongolia > Russia (Altanbulag/Kyakhta) > Belarus > all countries in EU
> Belarus: 8 days
> Belgium: 11 days
> Czech Republic/ Poland: 8~9 days
> France: 12~13 days
> Germany/Hungary: 9~10 days
> Netherlands: 11 days
> Spain/UK: 13~14 days


From Alashankou/Baketu to Kazakhstan > Belarus > Poland > all countries in EU
> Belarus: 5 days
> Belgium: 8 days
> The Czech Republic/Poland: 5~6 days
> France: 8~9 days
> Germany/Hungary: 6~7 days
> Netherlands: 7~8 days
> Spain: 9~10 days
> UK: 11 days

Expert in freight forwarding and overseas logistics since 1963, Bansard International implements global transport and logistics solutions to facilitate your supply chain management from A to Z. Our goal is to implement innovative and reliable supply chain solutions to give you complete visibility and control of your freight. If you would like to know more about our cross-border trucking services, visit our dedicated page or contact our team at

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