“For Kelvin & Lux, who specialize in bringing LED lighting, Bansard International Vietnam is more than just a transportation and logistics company. It’s a company with a team that’s always available, and that we can rely on to give us trustworthy feedback so that our operation is smooth and costs less in terms of time and money. Bansard International Vietnam gives us a precise schedule for our deliveries, which helps us tremendously in our job. Our success has and will continue to depend on our efficiency and in many ways Bansard International Vietnam is contributing to that.”
Christophe Chataigné, Managing Director Kelvin & Lux

Kelvin & Lux is a young SARL company, specialized in the import of LED lighting. Kelvin & Lux works with BTP, architecture and interior designing sectors and provides lighting fitting a client's needs that can range from the aesthetics, power consumption, and additional services. Bansard International is responsible for the transport from China to Vietnam via air and sea.

"Our main challenge is providing for our every client's needs and being able to deliver our products in time. In order to become reliable partners, we need to not only offer quality products but we need to prove reliability from the signature of contracts to the installation of lights. Vietnam is a very dynamic country that constantly changes in terms of law, which can sometime be problematic for a company. It is crucial to get the necessary information so that the import arrives on time, and so that we can continue to do business.

For a company like ours, it is important to have partners that can fit our needs and understands the challenges we face. The team at Bansard International Vietnam are always precise and clear in their answers. We also find communication between our teams and Bansard to be very easy and fluid, no matter if we’re communicating in French, English or Vietnamese. It is therefore easy to rely on them! Nothing is better than to not worry about your upcoming deliveries!”

Christophe Chataigné, Managing Director Kelvin & Lux

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