Group Finance Controller

""My job has given me the opportunity to travel and discover Bansard International in more detail. A great adventure and meetings with motivated, dynamic and welcoming teams"."

Bansard in 3 words: Customers, family, dynamism

Graduated from ESSEC, I started within Bansard International as a management controller in Shanghai as an internship at first and then full time (2012-2014). To continue my professional development, I became Finance Manager Asia from 2014 to 2018. Currently, I am the Group Finance Controller at Bansard International's head office in Rungis. 

The evolution of the operating system is in particular the implementation of CargoWise which allowed me to travel and discover a large part of the agencies and thus the teams of the Bansard group since 2016 to today: the 8 agencies in China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, Cambodia and Bangladesh, the 10 agencies in France, Morocco, Tunisia, Spain. An enriching adventure and meetings with motivated, dynamic and welcoming teams. 

I can't wait to meet the 3 big agencies that are missing from my list: USA, Israel and Australia !


Personal preference:

  • Zodiac: Cancerians
  • TV Show: Au service de la France
  • Sport: Football 


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