How can road transport be made faster and more environmentally friendly?

20 October 2021 | World

Expert in international road traffic since its creation in 1963, Bansard International continues to develop its network and its solutions. Focus on one of its latest initiatives with the new P400 trailers: faster, more reliable, more ecological and also more economical!

How can road transport be made faster and more environmentally friendly?

The meeting was held with our partner Novatrans in the south of France, at the Avignon terminal (84)

Bansard International, the leading RoRo operator in France with the Maghreb route, has established itself over the last few years as a major freight forwarder with proven international route expertise. The Maghreb route flow, from Tunisia to the various hubs in France, via the port of Marseille, is strategic for its customers and Bansard intends to improve this service even further.

Always attentive to needs and in search of new solutions, the group invested a few months ago in a first phase of thirty P400 trailers, which are used on a weekly basis on the rail network between Avignon (84) and Valenton (94).

The P400 trailers are designed for multimodal transport and are adapted to the rail and motorway networks. They are equipped with a loading system that allows the trailer to be placed on a dedicated wagon and thus on the rails of a freight train by means of a stacker (logistics tractor) or a crane.




  • Increased reliability thanks to several weekly departures at fixed times,
  • Tracking and safety through an integrated solar GPS system,
  • Environmentally friendly with reduced CO2 emissions
  • Economic due to the increase in the price of diesel


"Thanks to Novatrans' national network, the group is counting on the development of our international road activity. We are constantly looking for ways to optimise the Maghreb route with a pick-up of our P400 trailers as close to Marseille as possible," adds David Vermeersch, International Route Director.



- 85 296 m2

- 100.000 ITUs handled per year

- 4km of trains handled per day

- 22 people

- 3 stackers

- 2 gantry yards and one crane yard


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