Managing Director Bansard Maroc

"Dedication and perseverance always pay off in the end."

Bansard in 3 words: contact, challenges & achievements

I started my career in the finance industry, more precisely in banking and after two years I wanted to change to a sector where there is more challenge and where you learn every day, that's where I joined Eurobooking cargo, Moroccan leader in shipping from Asia. It was a rich experience where I learned the basics of the FFW business and where I met Bansard France who became our agent in France and with whom we launched the groupage route from Lille to Casablanca.

The idea to go to China was born following the permanent contact with our agents in China, I always wondered how it happens in China?

In 2011 after a meeting with Loïc Benattar, current Vice-President Asia-Pacific, in Morocco, I decided to join Bansard China at Guangzhou office, and thanks to Jenny Wong, South China Director, and the whole team there, I was able to integrate very quickly and develop the market of Africa and the Middle-East.
The knowledge of the Mandarin language allowed me to develop excellent relationships with all the shipping companies.
Aware of the potential of logistic development in Morocco in 2016 and after a short time at Bansard Morocco, we decided to create BCL Morocco, a subsidiary of the Bansard International group which has become today the leader on the Moroccan market in LCL with maritime groupage lines from more than 25 origins worldwide. In 2020 I join Bansard France and I accept the mission to straighten out Bansard Morocco.


About Anass:

Academic background
- Bachelor's degree in management in the Faculty of Law and Economics of Casablanca, Morocco
- Master's degree in international business at the University of Clermont Ferrand, France
- MBA in logistics at INSEEC in Paris, France
His goals: optimal management of teams, permanent adaptation to the market evolution, creation of new logistic services

Daily: I start my day around 5:00 am to be able to connect with the office in China (time difference), and therefore reply emails, around 7:30 am I head to the office of Bansard Morocco, to establish a daily strategy for development and evolution. 
Then in the afternoon, it's BCL MOROCCO's turn, I supervise the different departments with the support of my team on site.
Quality: discovery - discovering several cultures through the agents and no routine.
Memory: "I met my wife at Bansard MOROCCO !"
One piece of advice: learn.
A motto: seriousness and perseverance always pay off.

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