General Ledger & Tax Accountant, Finance Department

"My position, along with its many opportunities, helped me grow as a person."

I joined Bansard China as an account receivable in 2007, mainly responsible for the communications with French and other overseas customers, regarding financial issues. I then  started working as Accounts Payable in 2011 until 2016. After 5 years of experience and growth as Account Payable, I became the General Ledger of Bansard China, primarily managing financial data and analyzing accounting statements to ensure a good financial performance for the company. I have been a part of this company since the very beginning and I have witnessed Bansard's growth; I'm proud to say that it has become a considerable player in the transportation and logistics industry. I was also around long enough to notice a vigorous development in the company every year.

My position along with its many opportunities, helped me grow as a person and for that I can never thank Bansard enough. However such benefits come with hard work: I contribute as much as I can with my professional knowledge and expertise that I have accumulated over time and in that way I can say that I have a balanced a two-way relationship with the company.

I enjoy what I do as General Ledger. Resolving conflicts and disputes between financial and business processes is fascinating to me, and it also gives me the opportunity to communicate with other business units. I try to think through problems and solve them in the goal of optimizing the whole process, and sometimes it can get tricky but in Bansard we are known to always be able to provide the best customized solutions to our customers.

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