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"The trust, the collaboration, and the fact that I’m learning every day inspire me to do better."

Bansard 3 words: Flexible, Challenging and Nimble

With a Bachelor in Marketing and Advertising, I joined Bansard four years ago. Initially, I used to focus more on e-commerce, but now, evolving step by step, I’m doing the business of Import & Export for general cargoes. I love to do the job of sales representative, to be in contact with more people, to cooperate, and to see the result of every project I have been involved in. 

Since my arrival, I’ve witnessed the rapid growth of Bansard Singapore and, since the integration with SEKO, I believe that there will be even more opportunities in the future. My personal goal is to let everybody in Singapore aware of Bansard International and, of course, to develop partnerships with new clients. It’s not an easy job, especially since the Covid-19 outbreak, with the lockdown, the congestions, blank sailings, the changing rates… One challenge after another. In line with our customer-first philosophy, I’m trying to integrate all our resources to provide our customers with the best service for their supply chain needs. 

Working in Bansard brings me precious job experience. During this period, I appreciate a lot the human side with my colleagues, for their help, teamwork, and also, for their trust. Moreover, without the worldwide network of Bansard International, such a rich, multifaceted, and fast-paced couldn't be done. Things change every day in every corner of the world. I enjoy working together with my colleagues all over the world. The trust of all my colleagues and the desire to watch my project succeed stimulate me to do the best job possible!

About Charmaine : 

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Meal: Wanton Noodles

Song: Cloudy shoes

Sport: Hockey

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