28 June 2024 | France

SEKO BANSARD: Navigating the 2024 Olympic Games Traffic Restrictions

As Paris gears up for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, extensive traffic restrictions are being implemented to ensure the smooth operation of the events. These restrictions will significantly impact logistics and transportation within the city and its surroundings. SEKO BANSARD is committed to adapting to these changes and maintaining efficient operations. Here is a comprehensive overview of the key traffic restrictions and strategies to manage our logistics effectively during the event.

01 February 2024 | France | Business information

Global Canal Impact Update – February 1, 2024

Ongoing threats to vessels transiting in the Suez Canal and the severe drought conditions in the Panama Canal, continue to significantly impact global ocean freight transit times and costs. While more capacity has been released, current volumes cannot meet the current demand pre-Lunar New Year.

23 June 2023 | France | Corporate

SEKO BANSARD continues its commitment alongside Air France KLM Martinair Cargo to reduce CO2 emissions

New commitment from SEKO BANSARD for more responsible logistics! The group has just renewed its agreement with its long-standing partner, Air France KLM Martinair Cargo to participate in the Cargo SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) Programme and thus significantly reduce the carbon footprint in the air freight sector.

20 October 2021 | World

How can road transport be made faster and more environmentally friendly?

Expert in international road traffic since its creation in 1963, Bansard International continues to develop its network and its solutions. Focus on one of its latest initiatives with the new P400 trailers: faster, more reliable, more ecological and also more economical!


06 February 2024 | France | Business information

E-commerce: how can you reduce return rates and improve customer satisfaction?

With e-commerce return rates hitting 20.8% per online shopper, retailers face shrinking profits and escalating post-sale costs. Brands successfully mitigate return intentions by enhancing the shopping experience, despite consumer expectations for lenient policies.

04 January 2024 | France | Business information

Global sea freight disruptions due to the situation of two main channels

As 2023 draws to a close and 2024 gets underway, the logistics economy is getting more complicated. Threats of attack by the Houthis prompted shipowners to reroute their vessels via southern Africa. To the west, the Panama Canal is easing pressure, but transits are still limited. Added to this are surcharges associated with longer transit times and new European regulations.

14 December 2023 | France | Business information

Deactivation of Inactive Sirets

In the ever-evolving business landscape, we recognize that the change of Siret numbers is a crucial matter for companies. Let's delve into this topic together to understand the potential reasons for Siret number changes in various situations.

26 October 2023 | France | Business information

"Windsor Framework": Shaping the Future of International Freight and Logistics

The "Windsor Framework" is a highly scrutinized legal agreement that pertains to post-Brexit relations between the United Kingdom and the European Union, with a specific focus on trade between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. While this agreement is complex in nature, its impact extends far beyond the realms of politics and law, reaching into the international freight and logistics industry.

17 October 2023 | France | Business information

EU ETS: Carbon Neutrality Journey in Logistics and Freight Industry

In recent years, the international maritime shipping market has undergone significant transformative changes. As an integral part of global trade, it has responded to the urgent challenges of global climate change, leading to increased demand for carbon neutrality and emission reduction measures. With customers placing a greater emphasis on carbon emissions and eco-friendly transportation solutions, the entire international maritime shipping market has shifted its focus towards more sustainable operational solutions.

05 September 2023 | France | Corporate

SEKO Logistics Appoints Seasoned Logistics & Ecommerce Leader, Maxime Bessiere, to Global Leadership Team

SEKO Logistics (SEKO), the leader in end-to-end global logistics, today announced the appointment of Maxime Bessiere as the new Chief Commercial Officer, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), effective immediately. Bessiere will be stepping into the role as long-time leader and one of four founders of SEKO’s UK division, David Emerson steps down effective December 31.

02 September 2023 | France | Corporate

A new logistics site in Lyon coming soon

In Saint-Quentin Fallavier, in the heart of the Chesnes Park - France's leading logistics zone with its 2 million m² and 13,000 jobs - BANSARD SEKO has decided to develop a new 11,000 m² logistics site with delivery scheduled for October 2023.

30 August 2023 | World | Business information

Border Target Operating Model (TOM): New Customs Rules for goods bound for Great Britain post-Brexit

On April 5, 2023, the British government announced the introduction of the Border Target Operating Model (TOM) for importing goods into Great Britain. From October 31, 2023, this new approach will be phased in, and will include customs procedures and security and safety checks for goods from all countries. In this article, we look at the Border Target Operating Model and the implications of these new rules for businesses.

25 July 2023 | World | Business information

Global Top 30 Container Ports in 2022

Discover the latest ranking, import and export, of the world's container ports in 2022, with the data from Alphaliner.

15 June 2023 | France

Understanding customs regimes 40 00 and 42 00: Implications for international trade in the European Union

Companies engaged in international trade are subject to various customs regimes that determine the legal status of goods before their arrival in a specific territory, while establishing a regulatory framework for the movement of these goods. Among the customs regimes are the 40 00 regime, also known as the classic import regime for release for free circulation, and the 42 00 regime. In this article, we will examine these two regimes and their implications for businesses engaged in trade within the European Union.

08 June 2023 | France

EMEA Together 5-6 June 2023

Professional and constructive exchanges in an exceptional setting and relaxed atmosphere. A look back at the 2-day SEKO BANSARD EMEA seminar held at Château Mont Royal Chantilly, France.

01 March 2023 | France | General

New ICS2 release on 1 March 2023

The second release of the European Union's pre-arrival security and safety programme, the Import Control System 2 (ICS2), will come into operation on 1 March 2023. It covers all goods transported by air to or through the EU.

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